*cherry blossom world

 "Most of the people are homesick anyway, and a little lonely,
and they hide themselves in their hair
and are turned into flowers."
{Tove Jansson}


*forest rocks

Huge forest rocks and holy water.


*fairytale forests and curious fallow deer

When I found that little abandoned house in the woods I immediately fantasized about restoring it and how it must be to live there, to hear the forest sounds all night long. Such a dreamy place!



Misty mornings at the forest lake.



I finally found peace in writing letters again. And I'm using a thin brush and ink for writing now. I was never happy with my handwriting and often felt tense when writing, but with a brush it feels much better and more natural to me. Strange that I've never thought of writing this way in my past, it seemed nonpractical to me, but it is actually the softest way and easier to take up ink than with a calligraphy pen, at least for me. 
Have a cozy weekend, my friends!



It's going slowly, my tomato plants are still extremely tiny for the time of the year and I can not show much outside the greenhouse except for strawberries and onions, because the weather is still too unsteady that plants refuse to sprout yet, but meanwhile I am picking lots of wild herbs and weeds like chickweed to prepare fresh juices and I'm sure as soon as weather gets better, it will all go very quickly!

Lotte and I are still maintaining our garden albums on flickr,
so feel free to have a look!



Misty mountain greens
from our last trip with the van.

Weather is still a bit under the weather –
so I'm drinking cystus tea and writing letters.



Pictures of the beginning of April
before spring decided to hibernate some more :)


*forest green

We found a real oasis in the middle of the forest.



All beginnings are difficult.

It has started quite good, but then weather turned really crazy,
it got really cold and I was not able to sow anything in the outside garden beds so far
and also my plants that I prepared inside obviously suffer. We had a terrible snow storm and they predicted huge harvest losses throughout Austria. That's really not the best news.
I'm still heating both stoves non-stop. The pictures where taken before the snow came.
Now I really hope spring comes back soon again, enough of freezing this year!
How have you been doing lately?